Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Taj Mahal Is A Nice Guy...Really

This post is for the lady who tried so hard to get an autograph of Taj Mahal at the 2012 Kitchener Blues Festival.  I was a volunteer working the backstage gate.  There was a woman who had an old picture of Taj and was desperately trying to get his autograph.  She waited until he arrived, and he sort of brushed her off as he was being ushered into the backstage area, and she left pretty disappointed.

Well, not 10 minutes later Taj Mahal came back and asked where that woman had gone.  He even waited a few minutes while I ran up and down the line in search of her.  I really wish I could have found her, as it would have completely made her day.  I don't know if she did come back after the show and got an autograph, or if she went home thinking Taj Mahal was a big jerk.  But if she happens to stumble upon this post one day, I can tell you that he seemed like a nice guy.  Really.

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