Monday, March 17, 2008

Sleepless In Santa Clara

So I just got to my room and I *just* got wired internet connected so I can check tomorrow's (today's) schedule. My flight was delayed and it took me about 13 hours door-to-door to get here from Toronto. That has to be one of my worst journeys yet. And now, there is nothing open here except McDonalds and Jack In The Box, so I just had a quarter pounder and fries for dinner (it is 4:30am my time). Yummy!

And to top it all off I can't get the Hyatt's wireless to work. I can connect to the tmobile access point, and I can even browse But no other address resolves, and it doesn't prompt me to sign up (which is what is supposed to happen). The people at the front desk are clueless so they gave me T-Mobile's tech support number. Well after explaining the problem all over again and waiting 30 minutes on hold for a *real* tech support person, I gave up and just plugged in the damn LAN cable. We're not off to a good start. The only good thing about today was my rental car was upgraded to an Audi A6.

Here's to a few hours sleep and hoping tomorrow is a better day!

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