Monday, March 17, 2008

Lots Going On

Well, there is a lot going on both here at EclipseCon and back home. I now work for a new company (again)! It wasn't entirely a surprise, but it just became official today. I ended up making two versions of everything in anticipation of this acquisition and I even brought along a sticker to "modify" my EclipseCon badge. So now I can finally upload my presentations and sample code under the new company name. I know what I'll be doing tonight...

EclipseCon seems to be starting out alright. I'm a little tired, but I finally got a chance to grab a coffee (I was in line for registration and missed breakfast and coffee this morning!) and life is better now. I sat in on a couple OSGi tutorials that were interesting. Now it's time to see what this year's lunch spread is like!


Michael Melvin said...

Congrats on working for your third company in as many years :)

Did you get a coffee in you yet?


Mark Melvin said...

Thanks! ;)

Yeah - I got a coffee. But I have a headache from too much beer. But one presentation is down, just the big one to go!