Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Starkey Mission to China, 2014 - Day 8

Chuxiong, China
Patients fitted: 699

Today is our second and final fitting in Chuxiong. We are taking the bus directly to Dali after the fittings are complete today and having dinner on the bus.

It was a rough morning for me due to the President's party last night but Todd was back fitting with us so since all of the chairs were taken I teamed up with David again and his interpreter Melinda. She was great. 

We had a steady morning and things went relatively smoothly. After lunch I was feeling much better and David and I split up. I was working with a new interpreter named Cara (I think). I had a few really tough fittings in the afternoon, but we managed to get through all of the patients by about 3:00 pm. I decided to go back to my room, update my journal, and pack up for the bus ride to Dali. I think I'll be taking it easy tonight - no need to go down to the bar after last night's festivities.

Update: We made it to Dali and got checked into our rooms by about 9 pm. On the surface this looks to be a much nicer hotel than in Chuxiong, and the city could not be more different. It is very modern and we have a huge Walmart and a casino (actually, I think it is a gentlemen's club...) attached to the hotel.  

Rosaline, Eric and I were hungry so we decided to look for something to eat. Everything in the hotel was closed so we went for a short walk and found a small BBQ place (coincidentally Sonia and Maricela were already eating at the same place - managing to order vegetarian without speaking the language. Bravo!). Rosaline ordered some shrimp and fried pork for us, but while the shrimp was quite good we came to the conclusion that the pork was actually pig brain. It was disgusting and we did not eat it after trying a small amount. We made it back to the hotel and were in bed around 11 pm. Tomorrow we start the first of three days of fittings in Dali.

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