Friday, October 10, 2014

Starkey Mission to China, 2014 - Day 4

Kunming, China
Patients fitted: ~609

Today was the third day of fittings in Kunming and once again David, Jessie and I
teamed up and cranked out the hearing aids. The weather was warmer than the first two
days, so things were a bit sticky. We had a very steady day with no real extraordinary
patients. There were a couple harder to fit patients, one of which had a very large ear
opening due to a botched surgery but thankfully Bill was able to find an ear mold for her
and fit a hearing aid.

Probably the funniest part of the day was our last patient which was an older gentleman
that was very difficult to fit. He was all over the place in terms of the power level he wanted
and just laughed at us when we were trying to do our fittings using the standard "bah bah
bah" noise. I swear he was high or something. It was quite funny.

We finished early around 3:30 pm and decided to rent bicycles and cycle around the lake.
Kunming is quite beautiful, and there were some spectacular views of the Lake and some
houses built literally on the face of the mountain cliffs.

It was also interesting to see the local fisherman fishing in the lake with their ridiculously long fishing poles.

After the bike ride, we had a couple drinks followed by a late buffet dinner and another
early bedtime. My back was quite good today, so either the anti-inflammatory pills are
helping, or I am just getting used to standing slightly bent over for most of the day.

Tomorrow is our last full day of fittings here in Kunming, then Sunday we have a day of
sightseeing and travel to Chuxiong, our next village.

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