Monday, September 1, 2008

Mandatory Software

As Doug has already mentioned, an interesting product from Google is being released tomorrow: Google Chrome. I guess the rumors were true after all! Since I have recently re-formatted my computer and I am currently in the midst of re-installing all of my applications, their timing is relatively good.

I discovered something interesting while re-installing software on my PC. After re-ghosting my machine (and installing various hardware drivers, Windows XP Service Pack 3, and a large number of updates), I installed the following software first:

So Eclipse wasn't the first thing I installed, but it was quite near the top; and Vuse uses SWT under the covers so that's a pretty good showing for Eclipse-sponsored software in my little world. Also keep in mind this is my home PC, not my work laptop - so this list is not particularly tailored to full-on software development (hence the Steam install). I'll have to do another list when my work computer gets reincarnated. ;o)

I remember the Python blogging community chipping in about what programs they use daily (and would install first on a new machine) and it was quite interesting. I wonder what other people's short list might look like?


Tim Myer said...

Very similar, except instead of 7zip, mine is Tugzip, and instead of Google Talk, Pidgin. I especially appreciate that Opera was first on your list, as that is always first on my list as well, whether I am installing on Windows or OpenSolaris.

Mark Melvin said...

Interesting! I didn't know about Tugzip - I'll have a look.

Yes - Opera rocks. I've been using it since around version 4 I think. It is going to take a pretty good browser to make me move away from it.