Friday, August 15, 2008

Ah, sunny Scotland!

We are on vacation in Scotland right now for the third year in almost as many. This is a nice destination for us as we very much like the country and Sharon has relatives here so apart from the flight over it doesn't cost a whole lot. But I must admit that is what bugs me the most! I am constantly trying to devise clever schemes of paying for things before Sharon's aunt or uncle does, and it is exhausting! Especially when using a credit card instead of cash seems to be such a hassle.

Anyway, I have not had a lot of time to comment on things but I have started posting photos here:

We have finally got a real taste of Scottish weather. Our previous two visits have been amazing in terms of weather but we have had nothing but rain since we arrived. We have had one nice day so far (which I spent river-fishing for salmon), but the rest have involved drizzle or torrential downpours.

We are heading to the world piping championships tomorrow on Glasgow Green, so let's hope the weather holds for that. There is more fishing planned for next week, and many more visits to the pub. It should be a good vacation!

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Anonymous said...

Mark; perhaps some of the attraction to Scotland also lies in the fact that the Bannerman Clan immigrated to Canada from Scotland as well. The Forbes Clan is your ancient Heritage. Soak up all you can of the is yours too. MOM