Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Next Stop: 3.4

Tomorrow (today at this point...is it really that late..err..early?) is the official release of Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede), and for us it marks that special time of year where we ship another major release of our commercial product* freshly minted to work with the latest version of Eclipse. We typically start integrating with the latest Eclipse development milestones around M6 or so, and file as many bugs as possible as we find them in the hopes of getting them addressed before June when the train ultimately leaves the station. Looking back, the move from Eclipse 2.x to Eclipse 3.0 involved a little pain, but subsequent releases have all gone relatively smoothly. There was also that little hiccup when the Debug Team introduced flexible hierarchy, but that was for the greater good (and the Debug Team is always so helpful!) so all was well in the end.

This year's minor wrinkle is moving to P2. There has been a lot said about P2, both positive and negative, but I think ultimately it is a good thing. I have been struggling with it quite a bit over the last week or two mostly due to the fact that we simply have not had time to pick apart P2 and figure out what it is all about. The bottom line is we did not budget any time to port our installer over to P2 or to make our features fully P2 compatible (so much so that I really don't even have a full grasp of what "fully P2 compatible" means yet), but I think once this release is out the door and we have time to suck in a lungful of air, we can enjoy the sunshine and move forward into that brave new world.

I was hoping to have some time to write up a little review about Ganymede, and that task is still percolating in the back of my head. I also have a 2.5GB AVI sitting on my hard drive that I have been meaning to finish turning into a screencast one of these days and I was also intending on finding the time to convert my EclipseCON presentation into a more useful article. Hmmm... Perhaps this summer will afford me a little more time to work on Eclipse-related stuff provided I don't get distracted by winning bread and life in general.

*NOTE: You have to visit this link twice if you are interested as the first time you are redirected to an acquisition info page and some sort of cookie is set to indicate that you have been "informed". Not my design - sorry.


Marko Schulz said...

Your link to http://www.amis.com/products/dsp/dev_tools/evaluationkit.html first lead me to http://www.amis.com/bookmark_404.php. You may want to warn your readers, that they have to follow the link at least twice to get to the correct page (because the web server seems to remember - by IP? - that he already informed you about the acquisition of AMIS).

BTW poor design for an entry page: If the old page is still there it should give you a link to go forward to it. But I guess the entry page is not in your responsibility. :-)

Mark Melvin said...

Thanks for the heads up. Yeah - I tried to find an appropriate link on our new corporate master's page but we haven't been "fully integrated" yet. And yes it is a crappy design for an entry page (and it is not my responsibility ;-). I kind of forgot about that behavior.

Perhaps I should remove the link or find a better one. I'll start with a comment in the text.