Sunday, May 11, 2008

Swiss Vacation - Day 7

Day 7

The seventh day of our vacation found us getting up at 5:00am to shower and pack so we could catch a 6:20 train to Zurich. The hotel was nice enough to pack us ham and cheese sandwiches and some fruit the night before as we would miss the continental breakfast, and I snapped a photo from our room of the Lucerne waterfront at 6:00am on our way out. It looked liked they were setting up an open-air market all along the river, which would have been very nice to stroll through if we did not have a plane to catch.

We made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare, paid $4.50 each for an espresso and finished our sandwiches while we waited for our flight. There isn't a whole lot more to say as we just watched movies the whole way back (this time the Air Canada media system did not freeze or lock up on us), got home safe and sound to a couple of kids who didn't seem to miss us all that much, and went to bed early.

All-in-all, this vacation went off without a hitch; everything turned out great and there were no nasty surprises. We had amazing weather every single day, enjoyed amazing food, people, and scenery. I would like to say a final "thank you" to the people who helped us the most (and who I bugged the most with emails while researching for this trip!) - Alain, Marc, and Christophe. It was also your kindness and hospitality that made this such an awesome trip for us.

I also want to extend a big "thank you" to Sharon's mum (and dad) for watching the kids for us while we were away. I think Rhiannon is actually happy to have us back, believe it or not. But I am sure that will change tomorrow. ;-)

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