Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bloated in Chateau-d'oex

We are waiting for the train to arrive in Chateau-d'oex to take us to Gstaad as part of our Panoramic Train ride today (yes I know, I have not done the previous few days yet) and managed to find some free wifi. It is amazing how you can take a train through a mountain to a remote location in the middle of nowhere and still find wireless internet! We had an amazing lunch and are totally bloated on cheese and meringue at "Le Chateau", a place where you can watch them make cheese.

Anyway, I think I hear the train coming. I figured I would quickly post something while I had a signal. Funnily enough we just met an old french guy who started talking to us and pulled out of his bag an ASUS Eee PC just like ours and said something to the effect of "Linux is interesting - screw Microsoft!". It was kind of amusing...

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