Thursday, March 20, 2008

Presentation and Source Code Uploaded

The presentation for my talk on extension points has finally appeared on the EclipseCON website for those of you who wanted it. There are a TON of notes in there that are quite useful (I think), so it is worth downloading the source .ppt file for reference.

I also uploaded a zip containing the source code for my demo plug-ins for those of you who were interested as well. It seems the Cloudsmith SVN server is down, so I figured I would just upload them as an attachment to my presentation summary along with the presentation. But judging from how long it took the presentation to appear, it may be a few hours before it shows up. This code is completely unsupported, but shoot me an email (mark dot melvin at gmail dot com) if you run into issues. I tested it on Linux, Windows XP, and Vista, but did not test it on a Mac (let me know if it works or doesn't work if you have a Mac).

Thanks to everyone who attended!

Update: I am not sure the code is ever going to appear as a link on the main talk summary page, but you can always go to the Eclipsezilla submission page and download the attachment here:


Bjorn Freeman-Benson said...

The EclipseCon site is cache-delayed by 1/2 hour so "ever" is easily defined as "less than 1/2 hour". Anything more than that is your browser cache.

Mark Melvin said...

Thanks, Bjorn. There must have been a problem earlier because it took about 3 hours for my presentation to appear this morning, and I am sure it was not my browser cache, and it was more than just me seeing it.

But I think the source is never going to appear as a link because I defined it as attachment type "Other".

No worries - I just edited the abstract to include a link to the source .zip attachment in Eclipsezilla (assuming that is OK).