Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My New Router Is Here!

So my new router (the wood kind, not the ethernet kind) arrived today and it is a beast! Check it out:

I can't wait to try it out with the new 45 degree lock miter bit I picked up recently. I'm interested in seeing if a lock miter joint is as strong as the finger joints I am currently making with Robosaw. It would sure be a heck of a lot easier. The setup doesn't look too bad either.

The big thing is having a decent router table setup. The new router has above-the-table micro-adjustment, plus above-the-table bit changing - which for the price is awesome. My current router table sucks however, so I need to start shopping for a reasonably priced one that will allow me to use this new router to its full potential.


stratoblaster said...

Wow -- what a router! It is so impressive I feel compelled to comment on your non-blog (so please consider this a non-comment).

P.S. If you need to do some tests, I've got some oak you can make into an amp case :-)

Mark Melvin said...

Oh, I think it will handle your oak. Although perhaps we shouldn't *test* with that. Maybe some scrap wood first!

By the way. It comes with an extension for making circles, and it has 4 different methods of adjusting the height!