Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Yeah, where's the Conce de Neon Mall?

So, this summer our family vacation has turned out to be a Disney get-away in Florida. It's been awhile since I have commusicated, and getting an internet connection is kind of a pain in the ass as there is no internet in our condo unit - I have to drive up to the main building to get a connection - but I will try to post some stuff here as I get time.

We started our drive down right after work last Friday and made it across the border to Erie, PA on the first night. We then drove from Erie to Charlotte, NC on the Saturday, and finally through to Orlando on the Sunday. All-in-all it was a great drive - much better than I was expecting! Once we hit Florida, the roads started to suck and there were two fairly major accidents we had to stop for, but the rest of the drive was great. The country was beautiful - especially Pennsylvania and West Virginia - and the roads were pretty much abandoned (and most of them were new pavement)!

Before we left I bought the kids each a Nintendo DS Lite, and a couple R4DSes complete with 2GB micro SD cards to go with them. I ripped a few movies and converted them to a format that the DS could play, and I also bought a couple games (I actually *found* some ROMs as well for some variety...). I can't say enough about the R4DS. It does everything it claims, and it is a great product. Having Teletubbies and High School Musical 1 and 2 on a hand-held unit was more than enough to keep Drew happy. And Rhiannon had enough games to keep her occupied for a couple days as well. The only real issue was that we found out Drew gets very car-sick when concentrating on playing games in the car. It's weird as he can watch movies just fine, but the minute he starts playing a game - he will start to get ill after about 30 minutes. We actually had to stop for about 1.5 hours on the Saturday before we were able to give him some Gravol and he drifted off to sleep for the majority of the afternoon. While we were stopped, I happened to snap this photo:

Now, at first glance this looks like a very touching and poignant photo of a child crying on his mother's shoudler at the foot of a 911 monument. One could imagine a family who's father may have perished as a result of those horrible attacks. However, closer examination reveals that the child is wearing a Harry Potter robe and a Jack Sparrow headband complete with simulated dreadlocks. There is also a plastic bag on the mother's lap, and with some imagination one might realize this is actually a photo of a kid who is crying because he is car-sick from playing too many video games on his way to Florida, and they happened to stop at a mall that had a 911 memorial in the parking lot and his father - who was very much alive - was capturing the whole event on film!

Anyway, commusicating takes so much damn time I had better wrap this up. I have uploaded a bunch of photos to my Picasa page, but I'll leave it to another post to explain our first couple days at Disney. We totally lucked out and Drew got to meet Jack Sparrow in person - and saw him many times after that - but that's another story...

Oh - and you may be wondering what the heck is with the title of this post? Well, let's just say that is a private joke that goes waaay back to when I went to Disneyworld as a kid, and you'd have to be a member of the family to get it. ;)

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