Thursday, September 20, 2007

Rush Rocks Toronto

I just got back from seeing Rush at the Air Canada Center (or is it the Roger's Center now?) in Toronto. The music was awesome, the light show was awesome, and the audience was awesome. What a band. As it turned out, every member of the band I am in with my brother ended up getting tickets so we all got to see the show. It was pure music and none of the rock-star bullshit. You'd never hear "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" out of Geddy Lee. In fact, they didn't communicate much with the audience at all but that was fine. It was all about the music anyway and that's just the way I prefer it. They seem to have a really good sense of humor as well (the South Park cameo was especially entertaining) and they come off as a bunch of down-to-earth guys. I'd love to go for a beer with them sometime and jam. ;)

I decided to take the motorcycle to Toronto tonight because it was such a nice day. The drive there was a little hellish with all the traffic and construction and I was very sweaty and tired when I finally arrived after almost 2 hours fighting traffic. The ride home was awesome though as driving back at night was the perfect temperature, and it was dead calm outside. It was quite a nice ride, even if my bike isn't all that comfortable, and it only took me about an hour.

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