Friday, September 7, 2007

Day #3 - Magic Kingdom

Wednesday we went back to the Magic Kingdom. We started off in Tomorrowland and did the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor comedy show. It was really cool, and I actually saw my evil twin. There was a guy there that looked exactly like me! I tried to get a picture of this guy but there was never a clear shot. The comedy show was quite funny and must have been done with improv actors hooked up to some sort of motion capture rig to time their speech and movements to the characters on the screen. It was really quite well done. And the best part was they singled out people in the crowd for questions and jokes. They even singled out my evil twin but I didn't have my camera on! They also put the spotlight on Rhiannon and made her part of the show as well but I couldn't get my camera on in time to get it on film. ARGH!

After the Monsters Inc. show we went to a Lilo and Stitch ride that was also labelled dark and scary and Drew refused to go on it. It was a good thing because after the DINOSAUR ride, it would not have been a good choice. We then went to Mickey's Toontown and rode a fairly tame roller coaster that scared the ba-jeezus out of Danielle (although she did want to do it again). After that we saw the Swiss Family Robinson house, and then unexpectedly ran into a pirate tutorial put on by none other than Jack Sparrow himself along with his trusty side-kick!

It was very funny and entertaining and Sharon was given a hug as the "Governer's Daughter", although I just missed it on film as I was focused on Jack leaving. Once again, Drew played shy and refused to volunteer. He could have actually been in the show and maybe even traded blows with Jack Sparrow himself if he had gotten lucky, but he was simply too shy. Perhaps if we go back we'll try to catch this show again and convince Drew to get up there.

After that we all went on Splash Mountain to cool down (it was almost as hot as the day before), then took a Liberty Riverboat tour, and headed home for another swim and some dinner.

I apologize to anyone reading this for the lack of timely posts but internet access sucks here. I still have to annotate this post and then I have two more full days to catch up on plus I have yet to upload a ton more photos and videos; and we are leaving tomorrow morning to start the two-day drive home. Perhaps I can catch up in the hotel room tomorrow night - otherwise I'll just have to do it after we are safely back home.


Paulina said...

Todd and I are enjoying your vacation posts and pictures. I'm glad to hear that Drew finally got to meet Jack Sparrow, even if he is a bit shy about interacting with him. (I would be too -- he looks intimidating!) I hope Sharon is finding some interesting scrapbooking stores en route.

Mark Melvin said...

At least someone reads this! ;) I also enjoyed all of your posts from England!

We have only seen one scrapbooking store but Sharon did want to stop. I guess it didn't look that interesting! We were only gone a week but I think we will all be glad to be back home and in our own beds tomorrow night.