Sunday, July 15, 2007

Happy 80th Birthday, Grandpa!

This past Saturday was my grandfather's 80th birthday and we celebrated with a bit of a family get-together in Mitchell's Bay, Ontario. Everything went quite smoothly as family get-togethers go and apart from a few logistical snafus, it was a relatively good weekend. Unfortunately, in all the pictures I took I never got one shot of the birthday boy!

We decided to stay the night at the local campground in the tent-trailer. It rained the entire drive down but the day turned out to be not so bad, and by nightfall the weather was simply amazing. I took the kids fishing, although it was more like 2 hours of dad untangling 4 different fishing lines from one another, followed by Drew falling into the water and getting soaked and muddy. I also had a chance to have a few beers and visit with family I hadn't seen in quite awhile, and the kids got to roast marshmallows. I was even able to start a fire with no paper out of the scrap wood from the last tube amp cabinet I brought (thanks again, Boy Scouts).

Everyone else went to bed before midnight (although not to sleep) and I just sat outside in the dark by the dying fire for over an hour. The sky was perfectly clear and full of stars and it was absolutely peaceful. I just wished I'd had a few more pieces of scrap wood so I could have enjoyed it a bit longer. ;)

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