Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Couple More Flies

I tied a couple more flies this weekend. I had a go at an elk hair caddis:

It turned out alright. I added a bit of a tail to cover up a mistake, and after I took the photo I gave it a bit of a haircut. ;)

My second one turned out to be a completely original creation due to a failed experiment. It has a fairly convincing wing and body, but the head didn't turn out at all how I planned. I think I'll call it a ruby-throated whipper-snapper.

That's what I like about fly tying though. I take a fair amount of artistic license when I tie a fly, and that what makes it so exciting. Will the fish bite it? Maybe I have stumbled across a new killer combination of colours and materials.

That's why I enjoy cooking as well (when I get around to doing it). I like to experiment and see what tastes work and don't work. Sometimes my family might not enjoy that part of it though. ;)

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