Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fly Fishing and LOLcats

I am completely obsessed with fly fishing. I was introduced to the sport by my uncle in Scotland and I had only ever been fly fishing twice in the same pond in Scotland - where I *snagged* a fish. Well, last weekend I went fishing in the Grand River with a friend and I enjoyed it so much I went out and bought some more gear and can't wait until I go again. I never realized just how many good spots there are in the Grand River around Waterloo, Elora, and Fergus!

The same uncle that took me fly fishing for the first time gave me a fly tying kit, which I have been avoiding because I have always been afraid of the results.

My fears were justified.

Tonight, since there was no chance of me actually getting out and going fishing, I figured I would break open the kit and give it a whirl. It was all looking good at the start:

And then all hell broke loose. Anyway, here is the end result:

It reminds me of an LOLcat I saw the other day:

Let's hope the fish think otherwise...

1 comment:

castingoutloud said...

wow Mark impressive show.
you tie a mean fly off the bat with a cool name you are going to call it the LOLcat. Toss it in the Grand late May you will be surprised. Check out Troutfitters in Fergus say Hi to OJ for me.
Cant believe you got onto moldy chum so quick some of us have been at it for years good stuff.
castingoutloud No excuses. Go fishing.