Monday, April 9, 2007

Shooting For Number One

So, at work we are forced to use the God-forsaken groupware known as Lotus Notes. When I was new to the whole Lotus Notes thing, I didn't realize it would spam the entire world with my out of office notification email. I set up what I thought were proper filters, but it turns out they didn't work and my out of office agent spammed some fairly heavily-indexed Eclipse newsgroups I was subscribed to.

Anyway, I will forever be paying the price for that little snafu. If you do a Google search for Mark Melvin, my out of office spam is still coming up as the third match. My buddy Ken tried to help me out awhile back, and that blog post has made its way up the ranks, but alas - I'm still immortalized as a Lotus Notes spammer.

With all due respect to Jim Tonge's creation, and that other guy, let's see if we can take back that number one spot, shall we?

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